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The Seeburg HF100R of 1954

The 1954 Seeburg is jaw-droppingly beautiful, with a one-piece glass top, aluminum bandshell, and a softly illuminated grille assembly with vertical glass louvres and chromium-plated ornaments. 

It also has five speakers, two of which are on the side, for "Omni-directional Sound."

Other manufacturers quickly adopted Seeburg's style.

Our jukeboxes have had all mechanical and electrical elements inspected and restored.

  • Cabinet inspected for soundness; steel wheels replaced by rubber or rubber-coated wheels.

  • Mechanical parts disassembled, denuded of rust, stale oil, nicotine and hardened grease, then freshly lubricated with a light machine oil and properly calibrated.

  • Motor disassembled and cleaned, lubricated.

  • All circuitry inspected, all capacitors replaced, each resistor checked and replaced if out of tolerance.

  • All rubber parts replaced.

  • Power line replaced with grounded line and GFCI cord.

  • Set to free-play.

But because cosmetic restoration is expensive, we offer cabinets with varied degrees of restoration.

The Vintage Cabinet


free of conspicuous defects, but not fully restored. May have small chips or scrapes, fading or discoloration, and other imperfections.

the showroom Cabinet


Immaculate.  no discolored  plastic, the grill-cloth is fresh and new, and the metals have been polished until they gleam.

The Dive Bar cabinet


battle scarred & whiskey-soaked: chips and scrapes in cabinet, faded or discolored plastics and fabrics, imperfections in metal, etc.

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